Well, the winter has well and truly arrived and with it the changing of the clocks and the dark nights and policing across Malvern Hills has taken on a different slant.

Drivers need to be aware that for so long now we have driven in light, dry weather and the rain and poor lighting can easily contribute to challenging driving conditions.

Making sure that vehicles are roadworthy and in good working order is a consideration whether travelling to a long awaited night out or on the school run. Water and tyres need regular maintenance and taking the time to get used to driving in the dark during rush hour can pay dividends.

Is it me or do traffic jams always seem longer in the dark? Have a look at our Road Safety section on the internet for some extra tips!

Over the last week the Local Policing Teams have been busy out and about in the area providing reassurance to those in our community who feel uncomfortable with the “Trick or Treat” phenomena that appears each Halloween.

That said they are also there to keep an eye on those youngsters just joining in the annual fun. We tread a difficult line sometimes.

Killjoys or a welcome sight? Hopefully the latter more often than the former!

Having been in policing some years I have developed a knack for being able to tell whether or not there is anyone at home when I visit an address.

In the lead up to Christmas particularly in the current climate it is essential to keep your home secure.

Giving the impression that someone is at home is a great start. A timer switch is an ideal way to make the house appear inhabited and will also be more welcoming for you coming home after work.

Please give it some consideration. Have a look at our website “Operation Lighten Up” for some more home security advice. Finally, we have had an animal theme to the district this month with incidents involving badgers, Emily and Topsy the runaway pigs and to cap it all this morning a bull on the loose in Pickersleigh. Never a dull moment!