A Happy 2012 to each and every one of you.

The festive period is now behind us and life is more or less back to normal. I for one am quite relieved! Whilst I enjoy the festive period there is no doubt that trying to make the prefect day is a challenge and a half!

The team at Malvern have been extremely busy and whilst Christmas is a fantastic time for many families and friends... for those with problems and difficulties it can prove a tipping point and this year as ever we have become involved in a number of domestic incidents across the district.

If anyone has any concerns for themselves or others who may be affected by Domestic Abuse in whatever form please feel free to contact us at Malvern where we can offer support and advice.

At this time of year everyone will also be packing away lots of presents which may range from electrical equipment to bikes.

Please think about security as to where they will be kept and make a note of all those serial numbers in case of items going missing.

Property marking is always a good idea and for those living in Neighbourhood Watch areas please link in with your co-ordinators who will be pleased to talk with you re Smartwater.

If on the other hand you would like to be come more deeply involved with Neighbour hood Watch process please take a look at the website or call into Malvern.

We are blessed with some fantastic people who support us being our eyes and ears in the community alongside our Local Policing Teams.


For those living in or visiting Tenbury please remember the Teme Bridge will be closed for vehicular access as of today for a period of around 10 weeks weather permitting.

Foot access will remain at all times. I know that the closure has caused some worry to those using the town and it is never easy to allay everyone’s concerns.

I have though sat on the steering group for the closure and know that all those involved were committed to making the process as smooth as possible.

I know that everyone is keen to have the situation back to normal as soon as possible with the least disruption.


This year will be an exciting one for us at Malvern.

I have planned an Emergency Services day at the Police station on Saturday May 5th where you can come along and meet your local emergency service teams and al lot of other organisations we work alongside to make Malvern such a great place to be.

Whether it’s a fire engine or a chat with detached Youth Team which interests you I am sure there will be something there to please everyone.

We are also working with the planning committee for the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations and putting plans in place for the epic journey of the Olympic torch when it passes through the district.

All in all the coming year looks bright. Don’t forget to save the date on May 5th!

Take a look at a snapshot of crime in Worcester here.