I have been bad, and for that I am sorry.

I have left my little blog to fend for itself over the Christmas period, and it has become lonely and uncared for.

In my defence, I have been concentrating instead on the core job of policing, but now I have a moment to turn back and re-launch my literary career.

Still no words of wisdom from me I’m afraid. Instead, I am looking for some help with my homework.

Part of my role is to explain why and how various police activities occur to the communities of Wychavon.

However, the other side of that is more powerful - I get to represent the viewpoint of the community at the various police management meetings that I attend.

I can make a far more powerful case to secure the kind of service the public wants if I can point directly to the views of the people that I and my team serve.

• What is the best way to obtain the public’s view on an issue?

• Is there still such a thing as a concensus?

• What would be your preferred means of getting your point across to your local policing team about what is most important to you?

Apart from the traditional methods of writing a letter or making a phone call, much of the current framework has been police designed and implemented.

PACT is an example of this, and does work well in some areas. However, are public meetings the best way, or do they tend to appeal to only a specific group of people?

Over the coming months I want to look at the whole way that my team captures your concerns, and how we in turn communicate back to you what we have done and why.

I don’t want this to be something that is police driven from the centre, but something that truly reflects what you want. Have a think, and let us start a debate here in the comments section. Please, hold us to account - but also give me the evidence I need to secure the best service for you.

I look forward to your views.