"Well here goes…….. my very first blog!

Having dragged three of my Inspectors into the 21st Century I thought it important I set the example and share my thoughts from time to time.

Some of you may already know me thanks to my ramblings in the Worcester News.

For those who don’t, I have the privilege of leading the cops and staff who police South Worcestershire.

I am known by many things at Worcester Police Station: "sir", "gaffer", "boss", "Steve" and some names which are unprintable!!

Indeed, any illusions that I may have had of been a popular boss were well and truly dispelled last night when one of my Sergeants decided to take me down whilst playing five-a-side footy!

Not the best career move I have to say... My popularity around "the nick" has plummeted even further today as I walk around smelling strongly of "Deep Heat"! Back to policing, as ever, loads going on with the run up to Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

We know the majority of people just want to have a good time but sadly there is always a small minority who want to spoil the fun.

As in previous years we will be running our "No to Trick or Treat" campaign which looks at protecting vulnerable people from unwanted attention.

We will also be launching "Operation Christmas Presence", which includes planning for the Christmas Fayre, which is a real jewel in the crown for Worcester.

Sadly, at this time of year we have in the past seen an increase in house burglary.

Once again, we will be running our "Lighten Up!" campaign to encourage people to give the impression their home is occupied and therefore reduce the risk of it been broken into. In support of these campaigns you can expect to see plenty of us around, particularly in the City Centre where five new officers have joined the team working out of the Guildhall until the end of the year.

I am really keen that whether you are out and about working, shopping or socialising you see he positive side of policing.

Well that’s it then, my very first blog completed! I'm off for a hot bath to ease my aches and pains!"

I would welcome your thoughts you may have.