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The Source

Seagulls: He's coming at you - and he looks furious.

Please step over the seagull carcass

Commons speaker John Bercow: 'I only cost taxpayers this much'

Pests swarm around former MP - and this time it's not Team Corbyn

George Osborne: drinking in the last chance saloon with Worcestershire's Tories

Taking over the world one tweet at a time

Say cheese! The Lib Dem's new percentage-busting leader Tim Farron

Watch out for the iceberg

Liz Kendall: not to be messed with

Dancing the parliamentary foxtrot

Worcester's magistrates court - a place to avoid

Not so tough on crime after all, eh?

Councillor Alan Amos - driving away from trouble!

Slapped around the face with a wet kipper

Parliament: crumbling away, slowly but surely

Everybody loves good neighbours

The Chuckle Brothers: would they sponsor the Ketch?

The Source: The fag end of the pensionable wedge

Supermarket dash: The only way Councillor Richard Udall might get his shopping done

New deputy brings fresh vision (not)

HAYWIRE: The most-talked about traffic island in western Europe. And eastern Europe.

Retired, but still offering a solution

Councillor Tom Wells: join the Ketch hysteria on Facebook

Lib Dem causes Facebook meltdown

Hokey-cokey: Councillor Alan Amos, pictured here just before he stepped down as mayor.

Farting in the face of Mother Democracy

Andy Burnham: he knew defeat was coming

One way to get over election defeat

Worcester's Guildhall: in, out shake it all about

The Great Hung Monolith

Worcester General Election hopeful Mark Shuker: is this the cookies he means?

Drugs, cookies and the fed-up socialist of Bredon

Ed Balls trying to get Joy Squires to sing: 'Fancy a Kylie duet?'

No coalition questions here, please

GUSHING: Clean-shaven Huw Irranca-Davies. He has his admirers!

Labour surge ahead in the libido polls

A cat: looking for their pound of flesh this election time.

Tory's pistol greeting and the case of the savage moggy

Russian President Vladimir Putin talks to German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "These English MPs don't like me?"

Was this a pre-election plot to silence The Voice?

Nick Clegg: "What do you mean you've lost your deposit?"

Grab the SatNav and torches, we're off to Somerset

Mr Men: Worcester has some characters of its own

Mr Clever, Mr Sleepy and Mr Up and At 'Em

HOT PINK: Our Neil has the hots for Gloria

Libertarian purple kippers for breakfast

Worcester's General Election candidates line up. 'All aboard the sinking ship!"

Beer goggles special - the sloshed verdict

Local government secretary Eric Pickles: pass him the water

Allowances system is an utter farce

Del Boy and Rodney pictured at the back with the rest of the Only Fools and Horses stars. Any thoughts on speed cameras, chaps?

Mayor slips in gaffe on speed camera van

Prince Charles: did he ask about Worcester's council tax?

Premonition of doom for MP Walker?

Don't read your emails: A sketch of the Mayor of Worcester, Councillor Alan Amos, by caricature Mick Wright

Invites for mayor's bash go begging

BACON: Ed tucking into his infamous bacon sandwich. Does he like curry?

Your boss will be having naan of that gossiping

The Battle of Cripplegate: how not to run an election campaign

Calamity of Cripplegate is just a farce

A terrified council worker: do not despair!

Terms and conditions shivers at County Hall

PREMIER: "Now listen here Robin, don't forget your make-up"

Was cut-out kidnap an inside job?

Shocked Culture Secretary Sajid Javid: "what d'ya mean it arrived after Christmas?"

Even high-fliers are cutting the cost of Christmas

Turkeys: very popular at this time of year

Think the roads are bad here? Don't venture south or west

Ho, ho, ho! What's Santa got in store this year?

Festive treats for our great, good and jolly well naughty civic leaders

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin: has problems with letters and emails - do NOT try and contact!

It doesn't feel like Christmas in slur passage

The late Mrs T with Jeffrey Archer back in 1986. What happened to you, old boy?

More than one way to empty a stinking bin

Rochester Twitter-gate in reverse: Walker taking the mickey

Watch out for the meddling Brummies!

POTTY: The Monster Raving Loony Party's poster-boy Lord Toby Jug: he's bananas!

That sort of lunacy could not happen in Worcester, could it?

FUNNY EYES: Red Ed has found some friends in Worcester - at last!

Ed finds friends in Worcester - just don't go through the history books

Lord Ashcroft: yet again, he's set the cat among the pigeons

Just who is in poll position for election?

Root canal treatment: it flipping hurts, especially when done twice

Say aggggh! Boorn goes for the triple

A delighted looking UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Does this face worry you?

How to win votes without even trying

Whittington island: a yoke of despair

Send us the cheque and we'll sort out Whittington island

Councillor Clive 'woof' Smith: banned again

Dog's life for county councillor

Labour Councillor Richard Udall: fine and dandy!

Pool plans finally going swimmingly

Rock star Robert Plant. Not to be confused with Labour group leader Councillor Adrian Gregson. Honest.

Rocking in the council chamber

MORE HOMES: It won't concern one Worcestershire councillor too much

Who cares about the concrete when you're in Devon

Flying the flag for deep-fried Mars Bars

Flying the flag for deep-fried Mars Bars

A menacing seagull. Do you think he should stand for election?

Politicians go for the comic approach


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