THERE'S been many politicians laying their boots into the Mayor of Worcester over the last couple of months, but precious little proof those of a Conservative persuasion feel the same way.

The real beneficiaries of Councillor Alan 'fiasco' Amos' about-turn have kept their counsel, but former city Tory Ian Imray isn't weighed down by the same chains.

Ian, who quit Worcester City Council back in 2007 after deciding to emigrate to New Zealand, has fired off some correspondence to Labour Cllr Paul Denham, the man who was lined up to become mayor before the big fallout, offering his support.

* THE Source loves a good rumour and the latest one, which surely cannot be true, is that Cllr Amos is being lined up to stand for the Tories in Battenhall in 2016.

In two years time, rumour has it Cllr Robert Rowden will call it a day, opening up the Conservative stronghold just in time for the murky one, who of course is currently sat in the Labour hotbed of Warndon.

As our man has already left the Tories under one cloud following his time as a Conservative MP, it seems incredible that he could return, so The Source is willing to chalk this one off as almost certainly nonsense.

Instead we're planning to open up a more realistic betting shop on Cllr Amos' plans from May 2016, once his current term is up.

25/1: He joins a fringe party, possibly the Green on the basis all the heat being generated from his antics have contributed to global warming.

16/1: He signs up to UKIP, pledging to rid the party of its toxic elements. Erm...

8/1: Stands again in Warndon under his 'man of the people' guise, before getting so obliterated he slithers away into the background and is last seen trying to launch a film career on horror flicks in Saudi Arabia.

3/1: Quits politics to become a novelist, starting with his own version of 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'.

* THE news seems to be going from bad to worse for the Liberal Democrat Party, which is permanently stuck in the doldrums in any public poll about voting intentions.

One man who has been delighted about the party's dark era is former Lib Dem Worcester branch chairman Alex Kear, who has left The Source a message gloating about it.

Back in 2010 Mr Kear dumped the Lib Dems after saying the party had "committed the unforgivable sin" by forming a coalition Government with the Conservatives.

But answer this question. Would you have been happier had your party sat on its hands?