How many councillors does it take to change a lightbulb?

11:48am Friday 16th December 2011

IT seems Christmas has come early for the county given that in the last couple of weeks Government has coughed up about £20 million for various transport projects.

Ploughing through the detailed costs of the Worcester Transport Strategy – the project aimed at alleviating congestion on key roads in and around the city and improving public transport – one line stood out above all.

Listed under the ‘special items’ section was a plan to spend £50,000 on a ramp and steps at County Hall.

I asked the press office why the cash-strapped council wanted to do this and how this ‘vanity’ work would help motorists and public transport users get around the county.

It turns out that will not be done as the project was dropped from the package.

A wise decision because I’m sure/hope Government officials would have taken one look at that scheme and told the county’s transport officers to, somewhat appropriately, get on their bike.


JUST before the county council’s cabinet meeting got underway yesterday, Councillor Adrian Hardman strolled up to the press bench and complimented me on my three-piece suit (I know, ladies, calm down).

The leader then pointed out he had managed, in the manner of Wallace and Gromit, to put the wrong trousers on – a slightly eccentric man struggling with finances who dotes on his dog...and Wallace.


HOW many people does it take to change a lightbulb?

The answer is just half of one as the 4ft 10in ‘tall’ city councillor Margaret Layland demonstrated when she posted this message on Twitter earlier in the week: “Just got called out to change a lightbulb for a disabled lady.

"I’m not the best person to be changing light bulbs, unless they’re low level.”



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