BUSTED! The new year lethargy is obviously setting in at County Hall as a couple of councillors have been caught ‘relaxing’ on the job.

Check out Councillor Ed Moore, the current chairman of the council, right, who took a quick kip at the back of the chamber on Tuesday as members discussed next year’s budget.

Slipping under to the soothing sound of leader Adrian Hardman’s voice, the civic leader (in his civvies) succumbed to a subtle snore.

Meanwhile, larger than life Councillor Fran Oborski has been showing off her iPad2.

Great for viewing agendas online, in turn saving print costs, the desirable device has many uses. But at a recent meeting of the county council’s health overview and scrutiny committee, Coun Oborski was spotted playing the card game Solitaire.

I’m pretty sure carefully running her fingers across the touchscreen was not quite the stroke care fellow members were discussing. Still at least they both made the effort to turn up, eh Councillor Stephen Clee?

A FAMILIAR face has been popping up across the media with alarming regularity.

Whether it be on Newsnight, Channel 4 News, the BBC’s Politics Show, or in a range of local and national newspapers, West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has seriously upped her PR campaign.

Word on the (Downing) Street has it that David ‘calm down, dear’ Cameron is keen to promote more women during a ministerial reshuffle later this year and rumours are circulating he might want her closer to his side. Her assistant Edward Davies has reiterated that she won’t take a promotion until her son has finished his A-levels.

Take? So it’s on the cards then.

I told you this lass is ambitious.