IT is the show that can get the knees knocking of the most seasoned politician.

Many an MP has sweated, stumbled and crumbled on Question Time but I had to raise an eyebrow when I learned Worcester’s MP had pulled out of a similarly-styled event taking place in the city today... in front of children at the King’s School Worcester.

While Robin Walker will give a talk to students the Conservative MP will tip-toe away instead of going toe-totoe with rival Labour candidate Joy Squires later in the day.

Mr Walker said: “There is a convention you don’t debate with a candidate outside an election campaign.”

Is there really? But that’s the trouble with the Tories; they’re a stickler for tradition.

Hitting back, Mr Walker said his old adversary and Mrs Squires’ party’s predecessor Mike Foster also bowed to the same convention before the last general election.

Yeah and look what happened to him.

LAST week we had councillors not at it on the job, this week it’s a councillor at it while not on the job.

For a story about parking problems in Evesham one of our reporters went to town, district and county councillor John Smith to discuss the issue.

The man known to many as Mr Evesham picked up the phone and answered questions as he sat on a beach in Cape Verde.


Not only that but the man in charge of Worcestershire’s highways also took time out from the surprise holiday he booked for his wife’s birthday to have his picture taken next to a pile of salt.

But at £5 a kilo he baulked at the thought of bringing a bag back to replenish the county’s gritting stocks.

That’s a shame given the weather forecast.