HOW do you cover sharing, caring and teamwork in 14 words?

The answer – with bright and bold illustrations vividly capturing a couple of appealing characters – an orange bear and a blue boar, who go on a learning journey together.

Bear’s got a pear and little boar would really like to have a bit, but is bear willing to share? Not at first. But he manages to overcome his reluctance and makes a new friend.

Using just one or two words per page, former advertising copywriter Michelle Robinson’s cleverly chosen text works beautifully with David Sim’s vibrant illustrations. Early readers will love the simplicity of the pages, and the format lends itself perfectly to some hearty shouting- out-loud together.

The timeless sharing and message is one that all parents find themselves trying to instil in their reluctant offspring – probably on a daily basis.

Review by Andrew Doyle, Hereford.

12 page board book published by Bloomsbury, ISBN: 978-1408817049, RRP £10.99.