ELEANOR & Park by Rainbow Rowell is published in paperback by Orion, priced £12.99. Available now.

Hot on the heels of Attachments, Rainbow Rowell's second novel, Eleanor & Park, hits the bookshelves.

Described as an East Omaha Romeo & Juliet, Eleanor & Park is the tension-packed love story of two 16-year-old school friends set in 1986.

Eleanor moves back in with her mother after spending a year apart. Her new stepfather is, at best, controlling; at worst, abusive. Family life isn't as safe as what it should be.

On her first bus ride to school she meets Park. Sitting behind him, she starts to read his comics over his shoulder and they soon strike up conversations over X-Men and Joy Division.

Soon the disaffected Eleanor begins to trust and rely on half-Korean Park, who is soon head over heels in love with her.

Will the path of first love run smoothly for this well-matched couple while facing being different to everybody else and rebelling against the system?

(Review by Rachel Howdle)