I'VE Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella is published in hardback by Bantam Press, priced £18.99. Available now.

With only weeks to go before her wedding, Poppy Wyatt loses her priceless engagement ring and her mobile phone at a hen weekend brunch.

Worried about the consequences it will have with her prospective in-laws and fiance Magnus Tavish, Poppy begins a frantic search of the hotel.

As panic levels hit the roof, she sees an abandoned phone in a bin. Convincing herself it's finders keepers, Poppy decides to keep the phone and use it as a temporary contact number so the hotel staff can get in touch with her when they find the ring.

However, the phone, which is a corporate mobile belonging to business consultant Sam Roxton, leads to an unprecedented, soul-searching adventure as the young physiotherapist begins to see her life in a new light.

I've Got Your Number has all the ingredients that make a Sophie Kinsella potboiler. Poppy is charmingly goofy, and the outcome is predictable.

Humour is what keeps the storyline interesting and the use of footnotes add that extra touch to Poppy's playful wit.


(Review by Nilima Dey Sarker)