The Two Week Wait by Sarah Rayner is published as a paperback original by Picador, priced £12.99. Available now.

Finding an addictive page-turner for that long commute or holiday can be difficult. But Brighton-based author and former copywriter Sarah Rayner has got the balance just right.

By continuing the themes (and even characters) that were explored in her previous novel, the best-selling One Moment, One Morning, the author delves deep into the importance of love and friendship in our lives.

Each chapter in The Two Week Wait energetically switches between the lives of two women.

In Leeds, happily married gallery worker Cath has found herself in her forties, childless and infertile.

Meanwhile, in Brighton, school counsellor Lou has discovered that having a baby may be more important to her than a relationship.

In creating the story of two strangers brought together by one wish - to have a child of their own - Rayner has written a novel that as well as having colourful and resonating characters is also intensely emotive and even educational.

8/10 (Review by Laura Temple)