SYNOPSIS: AS THE children come to know and trust each other, they discover secrets that will change their lives forever. A chance resurrection of the long-forgotten friendship between two of their mothers and an overheard coversation throw Sam and Imogen in to turmoil! Kelly, unhappy at home and jealous of Imogen's new-found friendship with Sam, is taken into their confidence.

Together, they set out to solve the mysteries of the disappearance of Imongen's brother and the identity of Sam's father.

The trio put together a daring plan and, on a wet and miserable day, each with their own worries and fears and unbeknown to their families, they travel from their home on the south coast of England to London to put the final pieces in the jigsaw of clues that they have gathered.

Do they realise the dangers they are putting themselves in? Will their search be successful?


Tom has run away from home in search of his real father. Two years later his sister Imogen and her friends Kelly and Sam set out to find him before his eighteenth birthday. The children’s journey takes them to London where they discover hidden family secrets.

The success of the book lies in the way in which the author encourages the reader to care for the family and their story.

Tense and thrilling, I loved this book because it made you always want to read more. I would definitely recommend it to older readers who like tales of families and friendships.

(Nightingale Books, Cambridge. 2006)
Tom Price, age 9, Bromsgrove