AUTHOR and illustrator Louise Yates scooped the Roald Dahl Funny Prize with Dog Loves Books, and in this, her follow-up, we meet Dog once again, when he gets a promising parcel from his aunt in the post which looks like a book, but it’s not quite what he was expecting - it’s full of blank pages.

Following his aunt’s instructions, Dog uses his imagination and puts pencil to paper in his drawing book to conjure up a variety of quirky characters and adventures - which he magically becomes part of, drawing the story with his new-found friends as he goes along.

The author explores the joy of drawing and journeying into the realms of your imagination in a colourful and beautifully illustrated book, which is suitable for early readers.

Text cleverly interweaves with pictures - exuding all the excitement and fun of a story which is made up as you go along - from speeding along in a steam train to sailing in a boat and being chased by a monster.

REVIEW by Andrew Doyle

Published by Random House, ISBN: 978-0224083713, RRP £10.99