WITH Summer comes days of festival fun, whether it be The Big Chill, Download or Glastonbury. Camping out can be a fun but messy time, so here are some essentials that you will need to keep fresh, come rain or shine.

First of all, smell nice. There's nothing worse than watching your favourite band and having someone's sweaty armpit in your face. Make sure you take a good roll-on deodorant, to avoid using a spray in the confines of a tent. Sure's 'Roll-on Naturals; Fresh' will do the trick, for £1.75, from Superdrug.

Next, whether it's sweat or mud caked all over your face, at the end of the day you're going to want a bit of a wash. Unless you mind cold, communal showers you'll probably find it a good move to take your own bottles of water to wash with. You'll also be thankful for a bottle of dry shampoo and a flannel or two, depending on how long you're camping for. And of course, don't forget a towel.

Face wipes are also a must. Mud, paint and sweat will probably find its way to your face over the course of the festival, so make sure you're ready at the end of the day. Clean and Clear's 'Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes' are perfect at £3.16, and are available from Boots. Doing your make up will be quite a feat in a stuffy, cramped tent, so either don't bother or take the absolute minimum that you feel you need. A pencil eyeliner, a bit of eye shadow, and a lipstick should be enough, and will also be the easiest to apply. For anyone who has ever tried applying liquid eyeliner whilst holding a compact mirror will know just how impossible it is.

Assuming that lots of beer, pot noodles or burger van food will be consumed over the course of any festival, then it seems like a very good idea to take a small toothbrush and a small tube of tooth paste. This will make it much more pleasant for whoever shares your sleeping bag.

The last, but often forgotten, essential is sun cream. Do not be caught without it. Sure, there are no guarantees of sunshine here in England, but just be safe, as sun burn can turn the best festival into a prickly, painful hell.

So, if festivals are your thing, then make sure you're prepared. They're not the easiest places to keep clean, but at least you can ensure that you stay fresh. Oh, one more thing. Do not forget the loo roll. You may regret that most of all.