THE long nights are drawing in, and the temperatures are slowly dropping. Soon the veil between the living and the dead will be at its why not celebrate? Halloween is the perfect excuse to indulge in some supernatural delight. However you choose to celebrate, make sure you begin the night the right way, with a bubble bath. Doesn't sound very scary, does it?

The 'Skullduggery' sugar skulls from LUSH will soon change that. These bath-time treats are LUSH's way of paying homage to the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, and will really get you in the mood for the festivities. A fruity scent will linger behind long after your skin has received its nourishing treatment from this spooky treat, for £2.75.

If a quick shower is more your thing, then be sure to get hold of LUSH's 'Calacas' shower jelly. Just pop this ghastly gel in the freezer before lathering up for an or-plasmic experience. Its lime and jelly bean fragrance is anything but scary, especially for £2.95.

Everyone likes to celebrate Halloween differently. Whether a blood-thirsty vampire, or a zombie bride, Barry M's 'Dazzle Dust' eye shadow will give you the look you're after. The 'Dazzle Dust' comes in all colours, from deep black to cherry red, and can be used on the eyes, cheeks or lips, for £4.59. These can be found in various High Street shops, from Boots to Superdrug.

A good nail paint will go a long way this Halloween, and a good colour always tops the 'just clawed out of the coffin' look. Orange, purple and black are colours to rock this month, and Barry M and Rimmel have a range of paints to inject some life into these dead days. Throw in an orange lipstick and you're all set.

If you'd rather just take a last minute jaunt down to The Ultimate Party shop, then you can pick up a complete zombie make up set for £7, which includes fake blood, horror flesh and make up.

Whether you will be limping about town in your best undead-get-up or partying on your own in suitably scary style, don't miss the chance to dress up and have a great time this Halloween.