CHRISTMAS is a time when anything could go wrong – presents arriving late, running out of wrapping paper, burning the turkey – here’s how to stay off the naughty list this Christmas.

If you’ve been looking after yourself all year round then Christmas is the time to relax a little.

Although it will be impossible to relax when your eye catches the eye of the person you’ve been staring at all night, and they finally meet you beneath the mistletoe. Just make sure that you’re never without LUSH’s Pow Wow festive lip scrub, for £4.75. This delicious treat crackles and pops on the lips, is filled with nourishing oils and tastes good enough to eat, so that special someone won’t be disappointed even if your lips have been out of action all year. Or if you really want to spice things up, apply a blast of Chilli Tingle lip tint, from LUSH for £4.75, to really blow them away.

If you’ve been cooped up in the kitchen all day and enter the party smelling like turkey and Christmas pud (which is no bad thing), then be sure to keep a sneaky scent handy at all times. Versace Versus Red Jeans, with its freesia, red current and lily perfume, will fit neatly in your handbag for those sly sprays, for £14.99, from Superdrug. For men, there’s the Police Original, with hints of bergamot, grapefruit and sandalwood and small enough to slip in to a pocket, it is a brilliant tool to keep around this Christmas, for £12.99, also from Superdrug.

If you’re a make-up fan, ask for something nice in your stocking this year. Just be prepared for the morning after with Simple’s Kind to Skin Cleansing Wipes for £3.20 from Boots. There’s nothing worse than crashing at a friend’s house and catching a bus home with panda eyes and lipstick stained cheeks.

So if you’ve been good all year, keep it up. For Christmas, at least.