One hundred years on from the Great War a full house rose together to acclaim what was a truly moving production the magnificent War Horse with a richly deserved standing ovation.

This incredible creation based on the novel by Michael Murpurgo adapted by Nick Stafford leaves you emotionally drained.

In his author's notes for War Horse, Murpugo wrote that the inspiration for the story came from 'a tarnished old oil painting of some unknown horse by a competent but anonymous artist'. On the bottom of the frame, the inscription said the horse's name was Joey and the name of the painter was Captain James Nicholls. The date was autumn 1914.

The opening introduces Joey as a foal before becoming one of the two stars of the show. Joey and Topthorn are brought to life by the award winning Handspring Puppet Company who bring the majestic mounts to life - sensational.

War Horse tells the story of the love and trust between Albert and his horse after his father buys him at auction, however when war breaks out his father sells him for a £100. An estimated ten million people died in the first world war, much less known is the fate of a million hapless horses, sent to France between 1914 - 1918 only 62,000 returned.

Albert is superbly played by Thomas Dennis, the bond between him and his horse is heart warming we are desperate for Joey to survive the horrendous battle of war.

A wonderful story of friendship, courage and bravery brilliantly performed by the whole cast - five star theatre at its very best.

Poignant, War Horse runs until Saturday, 11th November at the Bristol Hippodrome.