STAFF and residents at a Droitwich care home enjoyed the sound of music during a special event.

There was a group performance of the Sound of Music at St John’s Nursing Home, St Peter’s Walk, which was jointly organised with Ladder to the Moon – a registered charity which aims to improve the wellness and happiness of residents.

The play featured cow bells, posies, a bridal head dress and veil, wartime soldier hats, confetti, clapperboards and make-up – all following the theme of the classic musical which was turned into an award-winning film.

Everyone was encouraged to take part by dressing up and joining in the songs.

The play concluded with an Oscar ceremony with some residents and staff receiving golden statue accolades which they were able to keep.

Karen Badger, St John’s manager, said: “It was a fantastic day. We are always looking at ways to improve and increase the daily well-being of our residents.

"We shall certainly hold more days like this.”