A SPARKLING new extension is on the way to a Worcester school – with dance and drama studios, as well as music practice rooms.

Nunnery Wood High School in Spetchley Road wants to demolish a 1970s block and replace it with a state-of-the-art extension.

The new block, which would have a pitched roof and double-glazed floodlights, would have two studios for dance and drama and rooms to learn musical instruments in.

There will also be workshop space for arty pupils and a raft of new general classrooms.

It means two existing concrete tennis and netball pitches will be built over as part of the development, although there are plans to reposition them elsewhere within the site. The revamp was approved during a meeting of Worcester City Council’s planning committee, despite five objections from neighbours.

They were concerned about being overlooked from the proposed school block, loss of light to homes, disruption during the construction process and extra traffic.

Councillor David Wilkinson said: “Before we approve this I would want to make sure these concerns have been addressed.”

Planning officer Nichola Roberts said: “They have been considered and have been dealt with, or can be via the conditions we will impose.”

A report before the committee said the 1970s block was “of a tired appearance” and that the new one would be 27 metres away from the nearest home, preventing overlooking.

It also said the new block would come with eight new parking spaces, but “no increase in staff or pupil numbers”, and there was no objections from highways officers at the county council. Some conditions are to be put in place on the hours the extension can be in operation in a bid to avoid disturbing residents. The committee voted unanimously in favour.