A WOMAN has found herself marooned in her home surrounded by floodwater.

Jacky Smith, aged 55, of Lane’s End, Kempsey, has been stranded since water began pouring in from the river Severn on Sunday night at about 11pm.

Mrs Smith said there was only three inches of water in her cottage, but outside it came to the top of her thighs and she could not leave.

Mrs Smith has told emergency services she is happy to remain, but says she feels “forgotten” by authorities.

Elsewhere in Kempsey flood defences were installed this year to protect homes which were regularly flooded by a nearby brook.

Some of those homes were evacuated on Sunday morning when the pumps failed.

David Harrison, Malvern Hills district councillor, has offered her help and left her his phone number.

Mrs Smith said: “I’m trapped. Our home isn’t protected by the barriers because we flood off the Severn rather than Hatfield Brook.”

Two freezers have flooded and Mrs Smith estimates they have lost £500 to £600 of recently slaughtered meat.

Mrs Smith who has been flooded three times in five years said: “That’s it. I’m finished. I’m not going to stay here any more. I feel I have been forgotten. I just want to leave the village. I’m still here with the animals struggling. I feel cut off. Nobody has been down here.”

Mrs Smith, whose husband works in Africa, said she had saved 24 chicks and a rabbit and had to care for her two golden retrievers but did not know where her cat was.

Area commander Jon Pryce, of Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, said it prioritised those whose life was in danger. He said: “We did not receive a 999 call from this lady. After the call from the Worcester News we contacted her and she has confirmed she is not in any danger and is happy to stay in her property.”