SOMEONE could be killed unless urgent measures are taken to ease congestion on a key Worcester road.

Councillor Richard Boorn said he is worried about “a fatality” on Spetchley Road due to a combination of too many parked cars, lots of children crossing it and more traffic amid proposals for a major housing development nearby.

Bloor Homes wants to build 255 new properties on land off Kilbury Drive, despite vociferous opposition from residents.

The plan, which will be voted on by Wychavon District Council in January, was debated at Worcester City Council’s planning committee.

Coun Boorn said the land where the homes would be built does flood when it rains, and that Spetchley Road, which cars will use to access the site, is not prepared for even more vehicles.

“People are not against any development at all, but they are against some of the risks associated with this one,” he said.

“The drainage system is 50 years old and is incapable of dealing with all these new properties. And in terms of Spetchley Road, that’s an accident waiting to happen.

“With all the children that cross it to get to school and all the workers going to County Hall, my worry is that one day there could be a fatality there.

“If this development happens all you’ll do is bring it about sooner.”

Residents also packed into the meeting to have their say.

Gerry Roberts, from Kilbury Estate Action Group, said: “A development on the scale proposed is not sustainable – it will cause so many problems that it will be embarrassing.”

Resident Keith Burton, speaking for Spetchley Road Residents Association, said: “There are aspects of this we’re concerned about. Spetchley Road is a rat-run for students and County Hall staff. We don’t want any more traffic coming down there. That’s our worry.”

The campaigners want Bloor to ensure access to the site is not off Spetchley Road or Walkers Lane.

Chris Shaw, on behalf of the developer, told the meeting the South Worcestershire Development Plan has earmarked the land for 300 homes.

“We have talked to residents three times and are listening – it may well be that some of the solutions to Spetchley Road lie in the hands of other organisations,” he said.

He also said 101 properties would be affordable homes, Walkers Lane will be widened five-and-a-half metres, and that Severn Trent was not objecting to the project.

A previous application for 257 homes on the site was rejected in February, mainly on transport and design grounds.

The feedback from the debate will be sent to Wychavon’s planners.