A CD featuring a church’s choir and its two new bells will be music to parishioners’ ears.

Henry Morris, tower captain at St Mary’s Church in Kempsey, came up with the idea of creating The Sounds of St Mary’s Church as a celebration of the Jubilee year.

It features a peal of the bells composed by Richard Pullin, formerly of Worcester and now living in Hereford, as well as popular anthems sung by the church’s choir including The Lord Is My Shepherd.

The choir, led by choir master David Anfield, used music producer Muff Murfin’s Kempsey recording studio to create the CD.

The talents of sound engineer Alasdair Davis and artist Cicely Barnes were also put to good use to produce it and create the cover art.

Mr Morris said: “It is a CD which could be enjoyed at any time of the year, “We have already sold half of the 250 we have made.”

The CD costs £10 from the church or The Original Stores, Church Street, Kempsey.

Money raised is for church maintenance.