PLANS to demolish two large bungalows and build eight new houses have been approved by planners, despite objections from neighbours.

Worcester City Council’s planning committee approved the plans, put forward by LMD Developments Ltd, to demolish two post-war bungalows in Henwick Road and build seven five-bedroom houses and one three-bedroom maisonette apartment at a meeting last week.

Permission was granted, subject to a legal agreement, which states a financial contribution will go towards improvements to educational facilities to schools in the area.

But residents living near to the site in Ferry Close, said they feared the new houses could be built for students from nearby Worcester University.

Six letters of objection were sent to the council who were concerned about loss of privacy, noise and parking.

Stephen Bond, was one of six Ferry Close residents who came to the meeting objecting to the plans.

“We feel the proposed application is far too big for the site and we feel this will be [used] for student lets and not for family use due to the proximity of the university,” he said.

“If this is for students that’s another 35 people on that site. Students only live on the premises temporarily and do not care about the look of the care of the property.

“If this development goes ahead we will be concerned with a mini campus. Parking is an ongoing frustration for us. We already have residents parking who live in Henwick Road.”

Bob Pender, Worcestershire County Council transportation partnership manager, said: “On face value we have before us an application for eight new family dwellings.

“The applicant has offered a communal parking area of 17 new spaces. We consider 17 spaces for eight new family dwellings as adequate provided they are unallocated to specific properties.”

But ward Councillor Simon Geraghty, who was not at the meeting but said in a letter he was concerned traffic and parking would be more of a problem if the properties were built for students.

He requested planners to restrict the use of the new houses for families only.

“I would like to formally register my concern in relation to these new homes being for multple occupancy,” he said.

Councillors voted in favour of adding extra conditions to the plans which include a rule that the developer must apply for further planning permission before changing the use of the developement to multiple occupation.