MID-WORCESTERSHIRE MP Peter Luff has come out in support of gay marriage – and says he will back it when it comes before parliament this year.

He told your Worcester News he is “inclined to support the Bill” following correspondence from many young people about the proposed change.

The Conservatives launched a survey in the autumn which showed 46 per cent of respondents thought the current civil partnership rights do not go far enough.

And of the 230 respondents, 32 per cent said the current arrangements are adequate – but the replies were heavily skewed depending on age.

Those under 40 were almost unanimous in their support for the introduction of same sex marriage, whereas all pensioners were against its introduction.

Mr Luff said: “The overall result was quite close, with 54 per cent against it and 45 per cent in support of gay marriage, but it was overwhelming in terms of the numbers of young people who are backing it. Given that that’s the response, I’ve given it some thought and I’m inclined to back a Bill on gay marriage when it comes forward. There’s a split between different generations which really came out in the survey, and I’m supporting it.”

In the survey, 15 per cent of people said they did not want any civil partnerships at all, but 22 per cent wanted it replaced with same sex marriages while 11 per cent supported greater rights ‘in general’.

The results also showed respondents of all ages took part, including 18 per cent who were pensioners and seven per cent aged below 25. A Bill is due to be voted on in parliament this year which will legalise gay marriage in all non-Church of England buildings.

Both Worcester MP Robin Walker and Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier have also publicly backed the Bill, despite revealing they had received many letters against it. West Worcestershire MP Harriet Baldwin is so far undecided.