A CAMPAIGN to slow down drivers on the A449 between Malvern and Worcester is gathering speed.

Roy Winwood, who lives just off the A449 at Newland believes it is “one of the deadliest roads in Worcestershire” and is lobbying Worcestershire County Council for more speed restrictions and enforcement.

His efforts were boosted this week by the support of West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin, while Mr Winwood also plans to write to Transport Minister Simon Burns in a bid to get him on side.

Mr Winwood has logged 19 serious accidents on the road since September 2005 and stepped up his calls for action after a crash in November saw 27-year-old Malvern man Alex Martin killed.

An inquest into Mr Martin’s death has been opened and adjourned and there is no suggestion that speed was a factor in the crash.

Mr Winwood said he had been having “constructive” talks with the council and that although it was refusing to implement the 50mph speed limit he suggested, other ideas were being discussed.

“We are in talks about looking at other ways of solving the problems,” he said. “They have been very helpful and friendly in their attitude to it all. “They do seem open to suggestions but I think that the big stumbling block will be a lack of funding to do big jobs.”

Mrs Baldwin will also be asking the council to take another look at the road.

“The A449 stretch between Malvern and Worcester is a vital link road and it is operating at well beyond capacity at certain times of the day,” she said. “Free flowing traffic is essential and the county council is well aware of this and I will be writing again to ask them to look at the issue of speed limits balancing road safety and traffic flow.”

Jon Fraser, Worcestershire County Council’s customer and community manager for highways, stressed that there were no plans for any changes to the speed limit.

“The speed limit on the A449 between Malvern and Worcester has been subject to a review and the 40mph speed zone has been extended. It is being monitored and is working well,” he said. “The county council is always happy to engage and communicate with residents regarding highways issues – parish council meetings and public roadshows are just two examples of the ways we listen to residents and their concerns. “Suggestions to reduce speed along the A449 or the suggestion from residents to place a speed indicator device on this stretch, would need the support of the parish council and local county councillor, as well as the involvement of the police.”