AWARD-winning film-maker Simon Tate will start filming his new crime thriller in Worcester in March and is seeking the public’s help to fund the project.

Jess & James is a contemporary take on a Jessie James legend and will be filmed in three locations using the same cameras used on Skyfall and The Dark Knight.

The film is about a couple of crooks with hearts who get caught up in something and have to take refuge in a house. The people in the house, who are going through tough times, help the crooks out and in turn, the crooks help them.

The film is in the process of casting and Mr Tate said a lot of the supporting roles and the crew will be made up of local people.

Mr Tate, who lives in Powick, near Worcester, said: “There’s always such a positive response to film-making in Worcester that I do think bringing more productions here is helping. We only need to raise a very small amount of money to feed the crew, insure the production and help with travel costs.”

The short film will act as a testing ground for crew and equipment for Mr Tate’s next feature film, Viewers, planned for production later this year.

Jess & James will be included as a special feature on the Viewers DVD.

Mr Tate also wrote, directed and produced the feature film The Point Of Regret in Worcester, which became an official UK Film Council entry for the Sundance Film Festival and was picked up by Warner Brothers in North America, despite having a budget of just £500.

To make a donation of as little as £10 to Jess & James, visit