A MOTHER who knitted at her son’s bedside before he died has been selling her scarves to raise money for St Richard’s Hospice.

Sue Fletcher, from Droitwich, has already raised £700 for the charity after knitting 120 scarves in memory of her youngest son.

The 63-year-old would knit while she was sitting with her son Paul when he was cared for at the hospice in Wildwood Drive, Worcester.

She said she was grateful to St Richard’s Hospice for the care they gave Paul, who had cancer, and her family in the weeks before he died in December 2010, aged 34.

Mrs Fletcher said: “I do enjoy knitting and love the feeling that it is raising money for St Richard’s.

“When I do it I can feel Paul looking down at me thinking ‘well done mum’.

“I knitted while I was with him in the hospice and there is a connection there.”

Mrs Fletcher and her husband John are well known in the town for regularly opening their garden at Hiraeth, 30 Showell Road, Droitwich, to raise funds for St Richard’s.

They also hold a family fund-raising walk each year on the date of Paul’s birthday as well as other fund-raising challenges.

Her knitting has become so popular that she is often stopped by strangers asking to buy a scarf.

She was sat knitting in a tea room recently when another customer asked to buy a scarf and paid on the spot and has also sold them in the USA, Germany and Madeira.

The scarves cost £12 each with the profits, approximately £6, going to St Richard’s Hospice.

Anyone interested in buying a scarf should call 07752 717243.