A FATHER-of-three who “nipped” the hand of a McDonald’s doorman has been handed a one month prison sentence.

Adam Nicholls was told it would run concurrently with the sentence he was serving for drug offences.

Nicholls, aged 31, pleaded guilty to assault by beating, being drunk and disorderly in The Cross, Worcester and resisting a police officer on October 7.

Worcester Magistrates Court was told that door staff approached Nicholls outside the fast food restaurant at 4.45am when he began to swear and shout at them.

Kerry Lovegrove, prosecuting, said he then turned his attention to a policeman telling him to “do his job” and “shut up” while continuing to shout and swear.

As the policeman began to arrest him for being drunk and disorderly, Nicholls began tensing his arms and needed restraining with the help of the door staff.

The court was told Nicholls was shouting and began spitting, biting and lashing out with his arms.

A door man was left with scratches near his left eye, bruising and a bite mark to the left hand which did not break the skin as well as bruising to his left arm and knees. Nicholls had also tried to spit in his face.

Once at the police station, Nicholls refused to make any comment other than on a scale of one to 10 he was “10 out of 10 drunk”.

David Ollivere, defending, showed a CCTV clip of the footage of what he described was a “wholly unsavoury incident” which had happened before a court hearing to sentence him for the drug offences.

He said: “He was feeling the pressure as he knew a custodial sentence was upon him when he went drinking to excess.

“He is the father of three young children who lives with his ex-partner, whom he shares a good relationship with, and he will be missing out on a significant portion of their lives. He is a man who accepts he has made mistakes.

“He has a job which will remain open to him on his release and hopes to make it up to his children and become a proper role model to them.”

Chairman Fiona James imposed the one-month sentence for the assault by beating but made no order for being drunk and disorderly or resisting arrest.