A MAN put a brick through the window of his girlfriend’s home after finding out she had been cheating on him with his best friend, a court was told.

Andrew Bullock, aged 22, of Lilac Avenue, off Tolladine Road, in Worcester, had suspected his girlfriend and mother of his young daughter, was not being faithful to him.

Sarah Stock, prosecuting at Worcester Magistrates Court, said that on the morning of January 2 Bullock had a phone conversation with his girlfriend, who was on a family holiday in Tenerife, and that she admitted being unfaithful with his best friend on two occasions.

She said that put him in a “very dark place”.

Knowing the house, in Larch Road, Worcester, owned by his girlfriend’s mother, was empty, he picked up a brick, put it in a bag and smashed a living room window.

He then turned back and punched another window, leaving blood, which enabled police to identify him.

Rob Macrory, defending, said: “He was very upset. Now, he is extremely upset with himself for committing this offence.

“He was extremely raw and it was borne out of frustration and nothing else.”

He said Bullock had suffered a “double whammy”, because of the end of his relationship and the fact his daughter had been taken on the trip to Tenerife when he had “desperately” wanted to see her over the Christmas period.

“He is very apologetic and assures that there will be no repeat,” he added.

Bullock admitted a charge of criminal damage and magistrates imposed a 12-month community order with 60 hours of unpaid work. They also ordered Bullock to pay £225 in compensation to Worcester Community Hou-sing for the window.

Bullock was also fined £25 after admitting a bail act offence for turning up late for court.