DETECTIVES are seeking a mystery quick-thinking motorist who helped catch a man police were trying to arrest.

Officers at West Mercia Police have praised the brave driver who stopped to help them in Stourport yesterday.

But the man, who is believed to be in his 50s, drove off before they could thank him.

Kidderminster-based PCs Tom Masters and James Robinson were arresting a suspect in Dunley Road at about 12.20pm in connection with a domestic incident which had happened a few minutes earlier.

He sprinted away from the officers who began to chase him along the road towards the river bridge.

It was then a man driving past in a silver car saw what was happening, stopped further up the road and got out to tackle the suspect, who is in his 20s, long enough for the officers to catch up and restrain him.

PC Robinson said: “While we were handcuffing the suspect the man who had stopped him simply said ‘there you go officers', got back into his car and drove off across the bridge towards the high street.

“He appeared to be in his 50s and there was a woman in the front passenger seat but we didn't even get a chance to ask his name.

“We would like him to contact us so that we could thank him properly for helping us.

“It takes a lot of bravery to do something like that. If it was not for this guy's actions I don't think we would have been able to catch up with the suspect as he had a bit of a head start on us and was running very fast.

“It's rare in our experience for members of the public get involved in such situations and while we do not generally encourage people to put themselves at risk of harm we are very grateful to this man for showing such public spirit.”

The man who was arrested was released after being issued with a caution.