SNICKERS the ravenous raccoon has been recaptured thanks to his favourite chocolate bar – a Twix.

Eight weeks after he was first spotted foraging through the food bins at the Holt Fleet pub and restaurant, near Worcester, Snickers has been returned to his home at Gloverspiece Minifarm near Droitwich.

Sneaky Snickers had evaded capture until yesterday morning when he was caught in a humane trap after being tempted in by a piece of his favourite chocolate.

Sue Law, who owns the pub with her husband, said: “Alan looked through the window and said, “I think we have caught it”, so we went out in our pyjamas and there he was in the cage.

“My daughters were so excited, they had never seen a raccoon before. We took some photographs and when we got to school they went running in to show their friends.”

The RSPCA had put out a humane cage for five weeks without any luck, and with no sightings after December 18 the couple had given up hope of returning him home.

Two weeks ago, though, Mr Law spotted Snickers by the bins at the back of the restaurant. Coincidentally, on the same evening Gloverspiece Minifarm had got in touch to find out if there had been any news and asked if they could set up another humane trap baited with a chunk of chocolate. He has now been reunited with the staff and animals at the charity farm, which provides animal therapy.

Mrs Law said: “When I called his name he looked straight at me and he was very friendly. “He must have looked after himself really well as the farm said he had not lost any weight and they think he made his way here by following the canal paths from Droitwich.

“Lots of customers have been asking about him and we’re just so glad he is now safe and sound and there is a happy ending.”