THE number of complaints made against students living in private rented and university-managed accommodation has fallen significantly.

Between September and December 2012, there were 25 complaints about students who attend the University of Worcester and live in private rented homes, compared with 39 complaints for the same period in 2011.

Meanwhile, 38 complaints were made about students in university-managed accommodation from September to December last, compared to 67 for the same period the year before.

A spokesman for the university said the improvement was down to the continued good work of the student services department working with students and the community.

However, one St John’s resident claims his life is being made a misery by the behaviour students who have been living next door since September last year and not enough is being done by the university to tackle the issue.

The man, who did not want to be named, said he and his wife were regularly disturbed during the day and at night by loud noises and inappropriate behaviour, and had previously been forced to call for assistance from university security and the police.

He said while he had been offered mediation and the installation of equipment to monitor noise levels, he did not feel that the measures would be sufficient and that the stress was taking its toll on his wife’s health.

The man said: “[The students] frequently use foul language and there’s a real problem with returning taxis [in the early hours].

“We called the university once in 2011 - we have never had trouble on this scale before.

John Ryan, registrar and pro vice chancellor, said the university takes any complaints from residents about student behaviour very seriously and aims to work with the community to resolve any problems swiftly.

He said: “The students living at this address have been visited and spoken to by both the local community police officers and our own Student Experience team about noise levels and being considerate to their neighbours and we are continuing to work with the students to reach a satisfactory resolve.

He added: “We have also offered to work with the resident through mediation and also to install equipment to monitor noise levels, so that we can address his concerns. However, [the resident] has declined our offer.”