THE gritting fleet will be heading out once again as road surface temperatures are set to fall well below zero.

Worcestershire County Council's gritters will cover primary routes from 7.30pm, with lows of -4C and patchy frost predicted.

Met Office forecasts for overnight show conditions being dry and clear, allowing road surface temperatures to quickly fall below freezing.

These conditions are likely to remain in place for the rest of the week and over the weekend, so drivers are urged to drive with caution.

The county council's highways manager, Jon Fraser, said: "Our gritting teams have done tremendous work over the last few weeks to support residents and businesses in continuing to keep the county moving in, at times, atrocious weather conditions.

"Whilst we're no longer dealing with snow and ice in the quantities we've had recently, it's absolutely essential that drivers remember that roads can still be icy and that gritting, whilst helping to keep vehicles moving, is never a miracle solution and care and attention is still needed when travelling on the county's roads."