UP to 63 people face losing their jobs following an announcement that a Pershore printing factory is set to close.

A consultation period is currently being held after The Polestar Group, which runs Varnicoat, once one of the town’s major employers, made the announcement that it is intending to close the business.

A spokesperson for the company based on Station Road, said: “Polestar has announced its intention to close Polestar Varnicoat which currently employs a total of 63 people. A period of consultation will commence immediately with employees and union representatives.

“In making this proposal, Polestar will consolidate its Gravure printing facilities at Polestar Sheffield to ensure we maximise operational efficiencies while constantly reviewing our ability to mitigate difficult market conditions.”

Peter Luff, Mid Worcestershire MP, said it was very disappointing news. He said: “We have a good level of employment so we can be confident people will find news jobs. I am now seeking reassurance the staff will be properly cared for. It is very disappointing news for the area.”

The printing works cut its workforce by around 240 people in 2010 after losing out on a number of vital printing contracts, including national newspaper magazines.

Ken Rowe, Pinvin parish councillor, said he hoped the site would continue to be used for employment.

He said: “The parish council is quite disappointed in its closure. It is a reduction in the business and employment opportunities in the local area, which is always sad and will have a knock-on effect on younger people in the area finding employment.

“It is a very important site for Pinvin and we hope it will be kept as an employment site.”

Pershore Mayor Charles Tucker said the town council was also disappointed about the loss of what was once a major employer.

He said: “Any loss of a major employer like that is a sad loss for the whole area and the uncertainty it creates for those people it employs.”