SINCE our story last week on a ‘two-faced’ cat a number of similar moggies have stepped forward, showing that maybe the distinctive facial markings are not so rare after all.

After Evesham cat Millie appeared in last Thursday’s Worcester News a number of readers have contacted us with photos of their own cats, all of which have a line down their face with different colours on either side giving them a striking appearance.

Bretforton woman Anna Fortey’s cat Shadow is one of them. She said: “When the paper came out a lot of our friends thought it was Shadow. “We got her in Pinvin and my partner fell in love with her straight away because of her markings.

“We have never seen another like them until now. There are none in our area we have seen.”

Another reader in Bidford, Anita Casley, said before the article appeared she had never seen another cat like her own, Maisey. “When I looked in the paper I though, Oh My God, it’s Maisey, even though I knew it wasn’t,” she said. “We picked Maisey out purely and simply because of her markings. Even as a little kitten she looked beautiful. On one side her face is ginger, her whiskers are white and her pad is pink. On the other side it is black.

“She is very feisty and I think she has overrun her nine lives.” Doug Pritchard, of Worcester, contacted the paper about his cat, Cracker. He said: “She has the same face a Millie. The split in colour down the face is very defined. ”

The markings are a random mutation of genes and an Evesham vets said last week it had not seen any cats like this before.