ROBIN Walker said he is “glad to be wrong” after David Cameron secured an historic cut in the EU budget.

Worcester’s MP argued last month how parliament had shot itself in the foot by refusing to give the Prime Minister a mandate for a freeze.

But the surprise outcome of last week's Brussels summit has led to EU spending being slashed £29 billion over the next seven years.

The reduction is the first fall in spending in the EU’s 56-year history and amounts to three per cent of the annual spend.

Mr Walker said: “Like so many commentators I was gloomy in my predictions for this particular set of discussions.

“I apologise for ever doubting that the Prime Minister would be able to deliver.

“I was genuinely worried that by giving up the ability to argue for a freeze, we might be forced into a situation where no agreement could be reached and therefore the budgets would continue to rise by inflation every year - I am delighted to be proven wrong.”

He added: “I believe that Britain can and will get a better deal from Europe and this landmark announcement is only the beginning.”