THIRTY-nine exotic animals may end up scattered across the country if a family cannot find somewhere to home them and their pets soon.

The animals belong to Lynda and Drew Blake, who run Wildside Furry Exotics, in Fernhill Heath, near Worcester.

The couple have found themselves looking for a new family home and place to safely house the animals after their landlord passed away.

But after more than a week of searching for a plot of land big enough to contain all their furry friends the couple are now appealing for someone to come forward and help them out.

Mrs Blake said: “We need to find around two acres of land to re-home the animals and we have to move in the next seven weeks. If we have to close it won’t be good for the animals, the community or for us.

“I am brainwashed with worry at the moment. We take the animals to Acorns Children’s Hospice once a month and we wouldn’t be able to do that. The animals would be scattered around the country with people we know would look after them.”

The family run organisation, which is currently applying for charitable status, is hoping to find a piece of land they can rent and purchase when they become an official charity.

They currently have a range of animals including skunks, sugar gliders, raccoons, raccoon dogs, meerkats, a coatimundi, a genet and a kinkajou.

“We hope there is someone out there who can help us,” said Mrs Blake.

The animals are next due to visit youngsters at Acorns Children's Hospice in March 26.

Jo Reed, deputy head nurse at Acorns Children's Hospice, said: “Wildside Furry animals regularly visit the hospice and spend time introducing the animals to everyone. It’s a wonderful experience that the children really love and we all look forward to.”

If you can help, contact Lynda Blake on 07917 612999.