GAPING potholes will cause an accident if they are not repaired quickly, says an Evesham man.

Tim Crowley says the potholes on the road next to the Littleton and Badsey level crossing have got so bad they resemble a “small trench”.

He is now worried if Network Rail, which is responsible for the road, doesn’t repair the holes soon there will be a serious accident.

Mr Crowley, of The Hea-thers said: “I have been on at Network Rail for months to repair it. They have been and put some tarmac in one of the holes but it is still as bad.

“Now there is more than one hole it has become a small trench. It could cause a bad accident if someone hits it or swerves to miss it.

“When heavy vehicles go over the patched up hole it loosens up. I drive a lorry over the crossing several times a day and you feel like you will take off in the air. I think they are flogging a dead horse by patching it up.”

Network Rail confirmed it was hoping to repair the road this week.

A spokesperson said: “The BT manhole cover on the Littleton and Badsey level crossing has been repaired as it was moving under vehicles and in danger of collapse.

“Network Rail has authorised the work to re-surface the crossing. “This is scheduled to take place this week, subject to Worcestershire Council agr-eeing an emergency road closure order.”