Big Brother beckons for bunny girl Annette

8:40am Wednesday 20th February 2013

By James Connell

THE world’s oldest page three model will go topless and look for fun and romance in the Big Brother house.

Pensioner Annette Edwards, aged 61, of Pershore Road, Stoulton, near Worcester, said she will not be shy about getting her kit off as one of the contestants on the controversial TV show.

The former Playboy model who was named as one of the successful BB contestants in the Daily Star, was once the face of Nivea. She said show bosses want her to ‘get together’ with ‘The Giant’, the name given to 7ft 1ins Lydon Sutcliffe, who was also named as a contestant on the Channel 5 show.

Ms Edwards, who is single, said it all began six months ago when one of the show’s researchers rang her asking if she would be interested in applying for Big Brother.

She said: “It wasn’t something I had thought of doing. When the researcher rang I thought ‘why not?’”

Ms Edwards is known as a Guinness world record holder as the oldest page three model. She says she is still working, doing shoots for newspapers. She is also known for owning the world’s biggest rabbit and for the £10,000 of surgery she had to transform herself into a real-life version of voluptuous cartoon character Jessica Rabbit from the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

She received phone calls from show researchers asking her random questions including about her ideal housemate which she said would be ‘a gay man’ because there was ‘never the threat of flirting’. She said she had travelled the world, had a lot of experience and could ‘handle anything’.

She said: “You can expect me to get topless in the house. I’m looking forward to having some fun and controlling some of the situations.”

However, Ms Edwards said she would not be getting completely naked and had recently refused an offer of £30,000 to appear in a top-shelf magazine because she said ‘there’s limits’.

Ms Edwards said: “I’m very direct and I wouldn’t beat around the bush. I wouldn’t go behind people’s backs. They would get it straight from me.”

Ms Edwards described herself as a bit of a ‘clean freak’ and said she enjoyed cooking and believed in a healthy diet. She said of her page three work: “There’s nobody else like it. That is why the intrigue is there all the time. I’m looking for fun and romance in the house.”

Ms Edwards said she start date for the show had yet to be announced but it could be on our screens in June.


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