TWO young boys whose mum is receiving treatment for breast cancer are encouraging women to take part in this year’s Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life to raise money for the vital research that is helping her.

Mum-of-two Hannah Evans, of Lower Wick, Worcester, was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2011 after finding a lump in her breast, by chance, while in the shower.

Following five months of chemotherapy and three weeks of radiotherapy, Miss Evans has since been taking the drug Herceptin which was developed with the support of Cancer Research UK-funded scientists.

The 37-year-old also took part in a new Cancer Research UK-funded trial during radiotherapy aimed at reducing the long-term side effects of the treatment. She said: “I was petrified when I was diagnosed with breast cancer but the care I’ve received since then has been phenomenal.

“The treatment I’m receiving wasn’t available a few years ago. I’m alive because of research and I want to help more people live to say those words.”

Despite losing all her hair and suffering with severe sickness, Miss Evans completed last year’s Race for Life with her sons William, aged eight, and 10-year-old Joshua and a group of friends. William said: “I was terrified when I heard my mummy had breast cancer but when I heard she was having special medicines I felt a lot better.

“She bought me a book called mummy’s lump which helped me understand the medicines and breast cancer a bit more so you don’t have to worry. It all gets sorted and sometimes they lose hair but it grows back. So help us stop cancer by fund-raising.”

Joshua added: “I think it’s really tough having cancer because my mum got really tired so she could not have any fun.

“I understand that when she shouts at me, she doesn’t mean it, it's just that she's tired. I would say this to anyone who has cancer, It’s really not nice but if you think about something different, it will be gone before you know it. Together we can beat cancer.”

This year Miss Evans, a credit controller for Traplet Publications in Malvern, is determined to run the 5k route with a group of fellow survivors.

To enter this year’s Race for Life on Sunday, June 16, visit or call 0845 600 6050.