A WORCESTERSHIRE probation officer has written a book which he hopes will stimulate debate about the criminal justice system.

Richard Rosoman, of Malvern, has written Having Faith in Criminal Justice, which uses his knowledge of theology and criminal justice as he cuts to the heart of issues and policy.

He said: “The book is designed to stimulate thought and debate about a subject that is often at the forefront of politics, but about which surprisingly little is written for public consumption.” Mr Rosoman gained a degree in probation studies from Leicester’s De Montfort University and then worked in residential drug rehabilitation. He later trained for ministry at Ripon College and has worked in parish ministry.

He said: “At some point, rehabilitation should let the past be the past and focus strongly on the future and potential change. It is counterproductive to keep condemning people.”

Published by FastPrint, the book costs £5.50.