A NEW vehicle activated sign in Evesham clocked more than 12,000 speeding drivers in the first week it was installed.

The equipment was put in place on Pershore Road in Hampton on Sunday, February 17 and when it was checked a week later it revealed the large number of motorists who had passed the sign travelling faster than the road’s 30mph speed limit.

With 10,080 minutes in a week, the 12,000 speeding drivers represent the equivalent of more than one driver breaking the speed limit every minute, throughout the seven-day period.

Councillor John Smith, ward representative for Hampton and cabinet member for highways and transport on Worcestershire County Council, installed the camera himself having used some of his divisional funding allocation to buy the sign following complaints from concerned residents.

He said he was surprised by how many vehicles had been registered speeding in just one week.

“I installed the camera on Sunday, February 17, at around midday,” he said.

“I went and checked it on Friday morning to see it was working and it was around 9,000. I took a note and reset it. I went down later and it read 808 so there is no doubt it’s working. They are very accurate and record anyone travelling at more than 30mph. Whilst this is not a speed camera, it is a good warning mechanism to reinforce to drivers they are now in a 30mph speed limit area.

“It is about awareness. I have watched vehicles slow down once it flashed at them.

“I am extremely pleased we put it in. It may stop an accident and one accident is too many.

“This initiative is already having the desired effect and the sign can be relocated to other roads within the area, where residents may have concerns with speeding vehicles.”