A PENSIONER forced to share a bedroom with her two granddaughters is desperate to move to a bigger house.

Denise Taylor shares her cramped two-bedroom house, owned by Bromford Housing Association, on Thistle Close, St Peters with her wheelchair-bound son Richard, who has sacral agenesis, and granddaughters Kirsty, 18, who has learning difficulties, and Hannah, 13.

Social workers allowed Kirsty to live with Miss Taylor, aged 64, from February 1 but while she was overjoyed to have Kirsty back with the family it has put a strain on an already overcrowded house.

Miss Taylor has to share her double bed with Kirsty while Hannah is in a single bed in the same room.

Kirsty’s possessions are still in plastic bags on the lounge floor as there is no storage room left in the house.

She said: “We are really, really overcrowded, I have applied for three exchanges but they all fell through.

“The girls give me a lot of joy and my son is absolutely terrific but it is the housing situation which is getting to me. No-one out there seems to want to know.”

A spokesman for Worcester City Council said it could not comment on individual cases but all housing decisions were made according to its allocations policy which is available at homechoiceplus.org.uk.

He added: “We apply the allocations policy fairly to everyone. People in overcrowded homes are given priority, but that has to be balanced with other priorities, such as homeless people or people with acute medical needs.”

Miss Taylor said she would continue to apply for housing and hopes that a more suitable house comes up soon.

“I am not getting any sleep at the moment, sometimes I have to go and sleep on the sofa.

“My son has gone very quiet, he likes his privacy but he has become a prisoner in his own bedroom.

“The situation has got me in tears, I have been crying all the time but there is nothing I can do, I have done everything I can.”