A DISGUSTED pensioner has spoken of his anger after a desperate binman defecated on his drive.

The homeowner has complained to Malvern Hills District Council after he discovered the binman’s excrement and soiled toilet roll blowing down the driveway outside his home in Ryall, near Upton.

The binman has admitted fouling the man’s drive and although he has been disciplined, council leaders say he will keep his job.

They declined to discuss the nature of his punishment but said he offered to apologise personally.

The resident reported the incident after claiming he had seen a binman twice urinate in the spot before.

He told the officer at Malvern Hills District Council “if it didn’t rain for a while it left a stain”.

The culprit fouled the drive some time before 7.50am on January 17.

The resident said the man could have asked to use the toilet at the house.

He said: “It’s pretty vile. I could almost have forgiven him if he had made sure he got back and it had all gone when I got home.”

Although it was cleaned up and disinfected, the man, who had expected the binman to be suspended, saw him doing his rounds in Kempsey a few days later.

He has written to the council demanding £1,500, based on the fact the council can fine people up to £1,000 for dog fouling.

A disciplinary investigation meeting took place at the man’s home, when council officer Danny Healey apologised to the man.

Minutes of the meeting say the issue was reported to Ivor Pumfrey, head of community services and Alex Bill, operations manager at the depot, who cleaned up the mess on the day and spoke to the crew, when one of them admitted responsibility.

At the meeting, they also assured the homeowner that they would change the binman in future so he did not have to see him.

Ivor Pumfrey, head of community services at Malvern Hills District Council, said: “As soon as the incident was reported to us we accepted full responsibility and took immediate action. The member of staff has been disciplined.

“The council has specific practices in place to ensure this sort of event does not happen but unfortunately, on this occasion, it was down to human failing on the part of the member of staff involved. We have apologised unreservedly to the customer.”