WHETHER they prefer to walk, swim or cycle, people are being urged to test their mettle in an epic charity challenge to raise money for a county breast unit.

The ‘Worcester Brest Challenge’ is to cover the distance from Worcester to Brest, in Brittany, France, 240 land miles, by any means between Saturday, June 1, and Saturday, June 29.

The aim is to raise money for the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign to create a new unit at 220 Newtown Road, Worcester.

The pace is being set by the ‘A-Team’. On the evening of Wednesday, June 26, they will be crossing the Channel from Plymouth to Roscoff, driving the team support vehicle to Brest and then mounting their cycles to travel the 40 miles from Brest to Roscoff. Arriving at Roscoff, they will return across the Channel during the night of Thursday, June 27, to arrive in Plymouth early in the morning of the following day. They then have two 100-mile days to get back to the CrownGate shopping centre in Worcester by 4pm on Saturday, June 29. On Saturday, June 29, members of Worcester St John’s Cycle Club will be undertaking the challenge on their static bikes in CrownGate.

Their aim will be for their team to cover the 240 miles by the time the A-Team arrives. To enter, notify the Worcester News and we will add you to the running list of entrants, being published on a rolling basis.

E-mail roni.skye@midlands. newsquest.co.uk, tell them who you are and when, where and how you or you and your team are going to undertake the challenge.

To fund-raise either set up your own sponsorship fund on line by going to justgiving.com or e-mail Nichola. Underwood@worcsbreastunitcampaign.nhs.uk requesting a sponsorship form.

For more information about the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign, visit everybodyknowssomebody.co.uk.