A MOTORCYCLE enthusiast from Colwall, near Malvern, will be riding the length of Great Britain to raise money for the Red Cross.

Roger Bibbings, together with five fellow bikers, will set off from Land’s End on Monday, May 6, on a three-day trip to John O’Groats, using only minor roads.

And all the participants in what Mr Bibbings calls “our slightly quirky project” will be riding small capacity classic motorcycles, such as his own 1979 TS150 MZ.

The riders will carry their own camping gear and supplies – except water and petrol – and there will be no backup vehicle.

“Given that we cannot cruise at more that 35-40 mph on our small machines, we’re going to have to spend most of our time in the saddle – but we expect to have a lot of fun,” he said.

“We would be very grateful for any support that will help us in raising funds for the tremendous work which the Red Cross does in helping people in crisis in Britain and around the world.”

Mr Bibbings has been biking virtually every day since 1965, clocking up nearly a million miles on more than 50 motorcycles of all sizes.

Since travelling across Europe with his motorcycling parents, he has appreciated the pleasure of travelling slowly on two wheels and using the minor roads.

He said: “You see, smell and remember so much more and you cover the same ground.

“So inspired by the idea of taking it slowly, I was determined that this year I would finally find time to do the E2E slowly on minor roads and try to raise some money for the Red Cross.”

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