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LIVE: Local elections 2013 - the results

Last updated:

    Polling closed at 10pm last night
  • Counts start this morning
  • Reporters in Worcester, Malvern and Pershore
  • Tweet us your views to @worcesternews
  • Tweet using #WNelections


Olley Owl Owd Betts Barn 9:22am Fri 3 May 13

While I have only read a part of the UKIP manifesto I can see as a disillusioned Labour Voter, why people are opting to give UKIP a trial run within local government. Since 1997 when all our state owned commodities where sold off supposedly to the public. In a promise, it would bring in competition, therefore resulting in a free for all. Now we are told we should search round for the best bargain. As a Labour supporter, and trade unionist
I have always voted for the party that was formed from the working people throughout the UK. After the 1979 Thatcher followed by John Major. Then we had the excuse for Labour in 1990 to 2007, which to say the least was disastrous as a true labour Government. Apart from calling it “New Labour”, it became a second class Conservative Party. Most labour supporter expected that Labour would take over control of our commodities service, and bring them back into public ownership without compensation. In addition to further our economy, by introducing some legislation that outlawed Interest rate being allowed to be set against taxes if the finances borrowed was from a company whose offices where beyond the shores of the United Kingdom. This present coalition has denied us a vote on opting out of or staying in EU. While UKIP manifesto produces figures on the actual cost of being a member Quote “"While our membership of the EU costs £3M a day – and another £23M a day goes out in foreign aid – jobs, services and benefits are being cut here.
UKIP believes that we should save that money to help rebuild our debt-ridden economy."
In mine and many other beliefs what UKIP are saying Is what my own parents taught be during my upbringing.
When financial problems are looming ensure you pay the Butcher, the Baker, and the candlestick maker before you lend any monies to anyone. I feel this is what UKIP are actually saying.
If these elected UKIP members of local government ensure their voices are heard with other sensible reasoning’s
Then they may gain many more local government seats along with some parliamentary ones.

Score: 0
Robot 3021 10:39am Fri 3 May 13

UKIP actually quote the cost of EU membership as £53m per day - and it is very questionable. That is based on our gross contribution to the EU budget, ignoring the money we get back.

The actual "cost" figure is more like £20m per day - and let's put that in perspective; the NHS costs £267m per day, debt repayments £132m per day, and state pensions £203m per day.

The EU budget is a drop in the ocean.

The major tone of the UKIP manifesto is lower taxes, and increased spending. There aren't any real numbers given to show how they would pull off this amazing trick, and the figures that are given are skewed or used out of context.

They can promise what they like at the moment, knowing that they will never actually have to produce. Besides which, as a manifesto for local elections, these are things no local council can do anything about.

Score: 0
Jabbadad 11:04am Fri 3 May 13

I am really saddened by Geraghty holding his seat.
Quite a statement about Tory voters in Riverside and St Clements who obviously endorse Geraghty's disgraceful actions against the Pensioners and disabled.
Yes it's democracy but shame on your values.

Score: 0
Truepear 11:34am Fri 3 May 13

DITTA OUT. Very proud of the people in Cathedral ward to finally stand up to him!

Score: 0
chrism 1:24pm Fri 3 May 13

Disappointing speed of full results from WEN - http://gis.worcester
3.aspx is way ahead (though admittedly the snapshots of who's won have come quicker here)

Score: 0
bmoc55 3:52pm Fri 3 May 13

Congrats to Simon Geraghty for holding off the insiduous UKIP.
Also kept Lyn Denham from her ambition.
Voters in Riverside have done justice to democracy

Score: 0
BadgerMash 5:26pm Fri 3 May 13

The County has spoken. An overwhelming majority of nearly 70% of the electorate did not vote.

The representatives selected by today's fiasco should have no illusion that they have any mandate to do anything.

Score: 0
Allan Whitehead 5:54pm Fri 3 May 13

Badger Marsh,
I have to agree with you while 70 per cent of the electorate have forfeited their vote.
Unfortunately, when we are out shopping or socialising during the daytime and we hear someone complain about the council, or its services, we will have to assume they actually went along a voted. It will be a certainty, which every time I move around the area, I will be in a place, and someone will be moaning. My question will always be the same. “Did you Vote?” Strangely enough, they all say yes, and then qualify their statement by saying but I did not vote for them.

Score: 0
Jabbadad 8:02pm Fri 3 May 13

yep bmoc55 democracy Tory fashion, now the Tory's of Riverside can continue on the disgraceful treatment of our older people by Gareghty & Co who you have just voted back in.

Score: 0

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