AMONG the pink clad runners at this year’s Race for Life in Worcester will be two nine-year-old girls from Pershore.

The youngsters, Ellie Parvin and Darcy Bridge, who both go to Abbey Park First School, decided to take on the challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The two friends both have family members who have suffered with breast cancer and other forms of the disease and are hoping the money they raise will help find a cure.

Writing on their fund-raising page, the two friends said: “We thought this would be a fun way to help people with cancer.

“Some of our friends and family have had cancer and we don’t want anyone else to die.

Please can you sponsor us so we can raise as much money as possible to stop people dying and get rid of cancer.”

They will be running the 5km race through Worcester city centre on Sunday, with their mums Michelle Parvin and Jo Bridge.

Mrs Parvin said: “They are really excited. They had heard lots about the race and they want to help save the world. They always want to raise money for charities.

“There has been family members from both the girls’ families who have had breast cancer and other forms of cancer.”

The pair are hoping to raise £150 for the charity and are already well on their way.

“They have raised £55.10 so far,” said Mrs Parvin. “They want to raise £150 but are really hoping to get a lot more. They have taken the forms into school and asked all the teachers for sponsorship.”

To sponsor the girls visit